The Internet to increase knowledge and economy; technical problems (first and foremost connectivity), and piracy as the obstacles to be overcome. The European Commission presented a survey today according to which "in 2010, online contents will generate 8.3 billion euros’ income in Europe, which an over 400% increase in five years". "Online contents will account for a significant part of the overall income from the most advanced industries": the most important examples are the music industry (+20%) and videogames (+33%). The survey suggests that, "thanks to the spreading of the broadband, advanced mobile networks and the widespread adoption of digital devices, the distribution of online contents is becoming a mass market that offers unprecedented opportunities for Europe". Viviane Reding, MEP for information society and the media, claims that in the light of such figures "great opportunities will open up for the consumers, the suppliers of contents and the technological companies in Europe". The expert survey, which will be used by the EU Commission "to prepare the package of measures on online contents for the single market", planned for the late 2007, shows that "answers must be found to the technological, economical and legal challenges, so that the European market may expand more quickly" in this area.

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