” “"I’m praying for all the people he helped, and of whom he was the spokesman, sharing their poverty and breaking the wall of indifference. May they find comfort in the hope for God, a love that he has always witnessed". With those words, the president of the French bishops, Archbishop of Bordeaux, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, remembered Abbé Pierre, who died in a Paris hospital last night. "With emotion, – it is written in a note made known a short time ago by the French Bishops’ Conference, and signed by Cardinal Ricard, – I recall the phrase with which Abbé Pierre closed his ‘Letter to God’ on October 4th, 2005". It is written: "Father, I’ve been waiting to come before you, and thus before love, for long". Abbé Pierre reached the Father". Ricard wrote also to think about the French, "whose admiration" for the religious "never faded. Through Pierre, – he went on, – the French manifested their devotion to generosity, solidarity, and attention for the dispossessed". "Emmaus and the Abbé Pierre Foundation will go on operating in his name, since precariousness and house shortage remain worrisome, in France as well as in other countries. Those associations, – concluded Ricard, – are an extraordinary evidence of commitment and humanity, like the life of Abbé Pierre".” “

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