” “More space to women in the political arena but no "women’s quotas". Today the European Parliament in Strasbourg adopted the report signed by the Slovakian MEP Anna Záborská, who took inspiration from the fact that, with the recent extension of the EU to Bulgaria and Romania, "the number of women within the Assembly has slightly decreased". The MEPs highlight once again "the importance of equality between men and women in political decision-making processes" and make an appeal "to the political groups to boost and support the full participation of women in public life". But during the polling, the passage that invited the parties "to take care that a compulsory quota system be introduced in their lists for every board" was rejected. According to Záborská, such equality "must materialise in a factual approach that will not oppose women to men", so that "gender integration will have a positive impact on both genders". The report says that the equal treatment of men and women must concern "all of the EU activities", including EU policy-making, research, representation and legislation.” ” ” “

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