” “” “As it had been done in the last few weeks by the other EU bodies (Council and Commission), the EU Parliament too has taken position against death penalty. Taking its cue from the sentence imposed by a Libyan Court against five Bulgarian nurses, accused of having infected hundreds of children with HIV, at today’s session the Assembly passed a resolution, supported by all the political groups, excluding the extreme Right, declaring "radical opposition to death penalty". "The EU – state the MEPs – thinks the abolition of death penalty helps strengthen human dignity and contributes to the progressive development of human rights" in Europe and all over the world. In particular, as to the Libyan affair, the Assembly insists that the sentence should be voided and a new, fair trial should be held; then it makes appeal to colonel Gheddafi himself, "that he may guarantee that the health-care operators will be freed", otherwise it asks "the Commission and the Council to consider revising the common policy of commitment to Libya".” ” ” “

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