” “There is an “ecumenism at the height", with its big meetings and the relations between the Churches. Then there is an “ecumenism at the base”. The two paths cross each other, and card. Walter Kasper speaks about it, on the occasion of the opening of the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians (18-25 January), with SirEuropa ( as if they were two sides of one coin. In ecumenism, says the president of the Papal Council for the Unity of Christians, "it is important not to involve only the heights but reach the base”. According to Kasper, progress has been made in 2006: "talks with all the Orthodox Churches have been resumed", the Pope’s visit to Turkey, the visit of the archbishop of Athens, Christodoulos, to Rome, "an epoch-making event", and the meeting between the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Benedict XVI. At present, "differences, including dogmatic differences, remain with the Eastern Churches about Peter’s ministry as well as differences in culture and mentality", while "disagreement" is growing with the Reformed Churches "about such topics as homosexuality, divorce or euthanasia". Despite this, the cardinal says he is "convinced perfect unity may be achieved" with the Eastern Churches, and "cooperation with some important groups within the Protestant Churches is possible". And the third European Ecumenical Assembly will take place in Sibiu, Romania, in September.” “

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