” “"The State of the Church in Poland after the events of the last few days". This is the agenda of the special meeting of the Permanent Council of the Bishops with the diocesan bishops that has been convened for tomorrow, 12th January, in Warsaw, by the president of the Polish Bishops Conference, mgr. Józef Michalik. It was announced by the press office of the Bishops Conference. "If we look at what happened – stated mgr. Michalik –, we should humbly thank the Lord because the truth won despite it all. We must thank God for mgr. Wielgus’ decision to hand in his resignation and also for Benedict XVI’s decision to accept such resignation straightaway, thus solving the problem”. In addition, mgr. Michalik highlighted that "for the Christian, presbyter or bishop, there is only one ethics. Lying is always evil. Evil is also collaborating with dishonest men for a dishonest cause". In the meantime, the news about mgr. Wielgus’ affair sounds worrying to the Association of Polish Catholic Journalists that made an appeal asking to respect "the professional rules". The nuncio to Poland, mgr. Józef Kowalczyk, did the same: "the media should feel jointly responsible for the way the content of documents of the communist regime is disclosed, so as not to cause further damage

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