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Argentina: UCA Observatory, rise in poverty, especially among children and teenagers

Poverty is rising in Argentina, especially in metropolitan areas: this has been reported by a new survey of the Social Debt Observatory of the Catholic University of Argentina (Uca). The survey, called “Financial poverty and vulnerable rights. Inequality of material living conditions in Argentinian urban households in 2010-2018”, has been conducted in partnership with the country’s People’s Advocate office, the La Nación Foundation, Banco Galicia and the People’s Advocate office of the province of Buenos Aires. The survey compares the situation in 2018 with the one “portrayed” in earlier years. According to the survey, in the third quarter of 2018, poverty affected 4.2% of families and 6.1% of single people, while 25.6% and 33.6% were below the poverty line, respectively. This state of poverty, that affects three people out of ten, rises up to nearly 50% among children aged 17 or less. This means that children and teenagers are those hit hardest by the rise in poverty and destitution. Another symptom of social inequality is the fact that the poorest 20% of the population have less than 4 % of income, while the wealthiest 20% collect 51.7% of income.

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