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Poland: Bishops speak out for work-free Sunday and ban on eugenic abortion

“A work-free Sunday is a glue that strengthens national unity”, the Polish Bishops highlight in a statement addressed “to all those who have real influence on the current legislative framework” in Poland. The Bishops underline that “the social dimension of the ‘liberation’ of Sunday involves the fundamental truth about the nature of man who coexists with other men and women and creates, together with them, community, society, and nations”. The statement was issued “in connection with the ongoing legislative work aimed at limiting the business activities carried out on Sundays”, “taking into account the views of the faithful of the Catholic Church and of Christians of other Churches”. For more than a year, the Parliament in Warsaw has been discussing the Sunday closure of businesses as requested by a popular initiative that has gathered more than 500,000 signatures, that is, five times those required. In these days, MPs are also debating another initiative, which is also strongly supported by the Church and is backed by 300,000 citizens, concerning the introduction of a total ban on eugenic abortion in cases of serious illness and foetal deformation. Both the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, have already declared their support for the latter draft law.

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