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Ukraine: the first March for life in Zaporizhia The first March for Life in Ukraine will take place in Zaporizhia, on the initiative of the Christian Churches and of local religious communities. The event is scheduled to begin on the afternoon of September 27. It envisages a walk along the main streets of the city centre. Although this pro-life and pro-family march is held for the first time, several thousand people are expected to attend. Organizers called upon all those “involved in the area of Christian and Family values” to openly share their witness. “As Christians and Ukrainian citizens we intend to defend the value of human life from the moment of conception and encourage all Ukrainians to do their utmost to protect the lives of all the newborn”, said Msgr. Jan Sobilo, auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Kharkiv and Zaporizhia, who appealed to all people of good will to pray for the intentions connected with the march and to take part in this event “so important for our city and for all of Ukraine”. Slovakia: Christian journalists, Radlinsky award The Council for Social Communications of the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia has opened registrations for candidates to the Radlinsky Award 2016. The award is dedicated to Catholic and lay journalists who defend Christian principles in their work. Entries can be submitted until February 28, 2016, and will be evaluated by members of the Council for Social Communications. “The purpose of this project is to convey the gratitude of the Catholic Church to people who concretely support the development of Christian-inspired media, or carry out their jobs in the spirit of Christian faith in lay media. We invite them to continue their creative efforts and promote mutual relations between the Church and society”, said Martin Kramara, spokesperson of the Bishops’ Conference. The Radlinsky Award was conferred for the fist time in 2010 and since then it has developed a solid tradition that values quality Catholic journalism. Poland: national Congress of Catholic Action “Religion should not be confined to the margins of professional life, as it is not a habit worn for the great occasions but the real essence of our life”, said the president of Polish bishops Msgr. Stanislaw Gadecki in the homily delivered at the end of the second National Congress of Polish Catholic Action, on September 20. The prelate highlighted the need for a “laity aware of its role and of its responsibility towards others”, pointing out that a “mature faith” counters “the fear of difficulties that may loom on the horizon”. The main task of CA members, in addition to personal formation through prayer “in communion with God and mankind”, is the importance of the missionary zeal, since, in those places where it is absent, “there can be no authentic and mature Church”, the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference pointed out. The CA three-day meeting was titled “Let us bring the Gospel of hope”, with the purpose of drawing a balance of the past twenty years since its rebirth in democratic Poland, along with an analysis of the new challenges of contemporary societies. An entire session of the meeting was devoted to the family and its role in modern society. Moreover, ahead of the national elections scheduled for the end of October, the prelates spoke of the role of Christians in political life, of freedom of culture, dialogue and education.

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