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Cristina Sánchez received the "Lolo" award. Blessed Lozano Garrido, has said "the skies guide me". The relationship between faith and news

The Catholic Union of reporters and journalists in Spain (ICUP) awarded to Cristina Sánchez, editor of the weekly “Alpha and Omega”, the “Lolo” Prize for young journalism in its sixth edition, which bears the name of Manuel Lozano Garrido, called “Lolo”, the first beatified lay journalist. The Bishop of Guadix, Monsignor Ginés García, president of the Episcopal Commission for the media, attended the award ceremony, held May 19 at the International Press Centre in Madrid along with Rafael Ortega, president of UCIP, Alvaro Gil de la Torre, general secretary of UCIP, and Elsa González, president of the Federation of Press Associations of Spain. Motivations for the prize. Cristina Sánchez was awarded the prize for “the noteworthy commitment put in her job, for the reliability and accuracy in exercising her profession and, above all, for practicing journalism as an authentic Christian vocation, conveyed in her religious and social weekly articles for Alpha and Omega and in her news reports for Cope and other media “, as highlighted in the explanatory statement of the award. The Secretary-General, Alvaro Gil de la Torre, also stressed “the outstanding social sensitivity and solidarity that Cristina Sánchez demonstrated in the exercise of her profession, giving voice to the poor and the excluded”. Solidarity commitment. The awarded, in addition to being a journalist, collaborates in various solidarity projects for Third World countries. In Nicaragua she helped set up a soup kitchen, and in Peru she worked with a missionary family home. The solidarity efforts carried out by Sánchez left a mark also in Malawi, where she helped carry out the “Kusekerera” project designed to raise money for an orphanage of the Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix. The young editor of Alpha and Omega was already awarded the Manos Unidas press prize in 2011, after a remarkable career in journalism despite her young age. Cristina Sánchez, a graduate in journalism, advertising and public relations at the University Complutense, has been an editor for Popular TV, as reporter for the weekly Alba and also worked in the press office of the Delegation of the media of the Archdiocese of Madrid and in the Communication Department of the Altius Foundation. Since February 2010, she is the editor of the weekly Alpha and Omega, specializing in issues regarding social justice, art and culture, while since 2005 she cooperates in various programs of the Chain Cope, such as “The week-end mirror”, “In general terms”, “The mirror of the Church in Madrid”, “The night”, and the “Morning of Cope in the Community of Madrid”. She is also the chief-editor of the annual review of Madrid’s Food Bank, directore and co-founder of the website for theatrical reviews The vocation for journalism. After having been consigned the prize by President of the Bishops’ Commission for the Media, monsignor Ginés García, Cristina Sánchez was evidently moved not only for the Prize but because it bears the name of Blessed Manuel Lozano Garrido, “Lolo”. Sánchez remembered that when she first started working in the editorial offices of Alfa e Omega, she was asked to write about his beatification in Linares in 2010, not knowing much about his figure at the time, but learning about his personality and works, she felt it was a sort of baptism in the realm of journalism. Since then, the journalist said in her reception speech, “Blessed Lolo guides me from the skies”. The editor of Alfa and Omega described journalism as “something beautiful and slightly ungrateful”, but she also explained that she sees her vocation as a mission for a committed Christian. “When you combine your profession with a concrete vocation, namely, being the voice of those without a voice, getting up every day and dealing with various themes in the editorial office, it very meaningful”. She added that a journalist “should put the human person at the centre, so that her dignity may emerge from her words and her journalistic profession may take shape and beauty”. For Cristina Sánchez, the communicator “is an instrument between the dignity of the human person and the public at large, so they may know that there are stories of sons and daughters of God that deserve being told”.

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