Holy Week without barriers ” “

First interactive guide to Easter rites for visually or hearing impaired people or with physical disabilities " "

The Holy Week in Spain is a very important moment in the life of the Chrsitian community that is enhanced with countless and world renowned celebrations. The question is how to ensure that everyone may access information to participate. An answer is provided by the “Accessible guidebook to the Holy Week for the city of Granada”. It’s the first time that a handbook with such information is published at national level, as it features all the information available in a single sixty-page publication in PDF format, accessible also to people with visual disabilities and designed for documents readers. Maps, hours, interactive tours. First of all, the guide contains the maps of the recommended sites and the addresses of the churches with hyperlinks to Google Maps to create a valid, safe itinerary. It’s interactive in that it is also possible to surf within the same itinerary also on the Web, interacting with the webpages of the various confraternities or with the information considered interesting. This original project is an initiative promoted by the association “La Ciudad Accesible” (“The accessible city”) within its strategy “accessible Granada”, an initiative that enjoys the unconditional support of the municipality of Granada through Fernando Egea, councilor for the Family, Social wellbeing and Equal Opportunities of the Spanish city, and Jesús Muros, chairman of the Royal Federation of Fraternities and Confraternities of the Holy Week of the City of Granada. Thanks to this support, in only twenty days the handbook became a reality and was presented on the eve of the Holy Week 2015. Advice on the basis of concrete experiences. The handbook also contains 34 fact-sheets, one for each procession or penitential station created in Granada during the Holy week, where people with reduced mobility are recommended a spot in the itinerary of the penitential station where they can comfortably enjoy the procession. It should be clear that these recommendations are based on the experiences and testimonies of people that took those decisions in the previous years on the basis of proper accessibility, feasible walking aids with less gatherings of people compared to other sites of the tour. The handbook also provides information on accessibility of churches and opening hours. The Handbook can be downloaded from websites of these three bodies: “La Ciudad Accessible”, Municipality of Granada and Federation of the fraternities and confraternities; the number of actual downloads and how many citizens have availed themselves of this tool will also be monitored. The Handbook is addressed to people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, as well as to all those with visual and hearing impairments. Sign language. With the same spirit also the local television of Granada, Tg7, for the first time in its history will open its palimpsest in Spanish sign language during the broadcast of the 90-minute programs summarizing the events of the Holy Week, tabled for Wednesday April 8 at 22 hours. There will also be two multi-sensory workshops titled: “Touch the Holy Week”, based on tactile, sound and olfactory experiences for the blind, guided by confreres of their own fraternities, with or without visual disabilities. The first aided and audio-described tour for twenty blind persons was held on Holy Tuesday at 12:30 in the Home of the Confraternity of Stripped Jesus in via Músico José Ayala Cantó n. 1, while the second visit will take place Holy Friday at 11 in the temple of Saint Joseph of Calasanz in Paseo de los Basilios 4. Telephone and Internet. For these and other accessible activities, members of the “La Ciudad Accesible”, guided by Antonio Tejada and Mariela Fernández-Bermejo, will be available during the entire Holy Week by dialing 958 267 277, on Whatsapp at 674252690 and through the email info@laciudadaccesible.com to give advice or clarifications to citizens in Granada and tourists that might need this Handbook or who wish to enjoy the accessible Holy Week in Granada in full autonomy at the same conditions as the rest of the population.

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