WYD, dioceses on the move

Territorial communities have already taken action to prepare to live the world meeting of 2016. An overview" "

“Palm Sunday we will pray watching the WYD in Krakow in 2016”, said the Primate of Poland, the archbishop of Gniezo Wojciech Polak on youtube, calling upon the faithful to take part in the celebrations for the next Holy Week. The prelate will celebrate a special liturgy for the youths dedicated to those “pure in their hearts”. “It’s an invitation to seek happiness with courage, to swim against the tide and counter the trivialization of love and of the culture of the ephemeral”, said the primate. He encouraged the youths: “Do not be afraid to be happy! But your happiness must stem from a pure heart, a heart dedicated to the Lord and to mankind, a heart capable of being one with God and of opening up to others”. The religious celebrations of Palm Sunday in Gniezno will conclude in the central Market square which is also the venue of the event attended by youths from across the diocese, “Looking forward to the WYD”. In the meantime there is great anticipation in many dioceses – large and small – throughout the Country, ahead of next year’s meeting. Preparations for the event. The archdiocese of Gniezno, the most ancient in Poland, has already begun the preparations for the 2016 feast for the youths. “Over one thousand people from France, Lebanon and Kazakhstan have already registered for the event”, the diocesan coordinator, Fr Wojciech Orzechowski, told SIR Europe announcing also the interest – not yet quantified – of German, Japanese, Ukrainian and Russian youths. Young people will be welcomed in various Polish dioceses in the framework of the diocesan days that traditionally precede the meeting with the Pope. The organizers hope that the hospitality of the families may help build “life-long friendships”. Young people from all over the world, who in Polish families will find a bed and breakfast as of July 20, will eventually be involved by local moderators in a set of events linked to the idea of “taking action for the good of others”. The meeting with the primate of Poland and a solemn liturgy will take place July 23rd, while the event of the WYD 2016, July 25, will be dedicated to the journey to Krakow, where will convene, along with other faithful, the foreign pilgrims hosted across the national territory. In Rzeszow and Wloclawek. In March the diocese of Rzeszow, in South-east Poland, started working with local authorities on a detailed program of events linked to the WYD in Krakow. The diocese announced the intention to welcome some 10 thousand young guests who in 2016, during the “diocesan days”, will have the opportunity of getting to know the region, since, as Monsignor Jan Watroba pointed out, “in addition to the spiritual dimension the WYD will also have a promoting effect for Poland and its regions”. In the diocese of Wloclawek the detailed program of the diocesan days of July 20-25 2016, that envisage the participation of some 4 thousand guests involved in the activities promoted by various parishes, has already been drawn up. A visit for them scheduled for July 22 next year has already been planned in the hometown of Saint Faustine Kowalska, the first promoter of the devotion to Jesus merciful. The gathering in Przemysl. In the meantime, the meeting of young people from the archdiocese of Przemysl will begin on March 27, while the information centre for the WYD 2016 will be opened next Sunday. The celebration for young people promoted by the Archdiocese of Przemysl, which foresees for this year the participation of 5 thousand people, is one of the largest gatherings of young people on a national scale. The event, held every year since 1994, has a long tradition of communion of prayer. Young people from the five continents have also been invited for 2016 by the Archdiocese of Lublin, said Archbishop Stanislaw Budzik, who said that the city is the “third city of John Paul II after Wadowice and Krakow.” For the prelate, WYD 2016 “is a great opportunity for spiritual renewal and an assumption of responsibility for the Church”, as well as “an acceptance of the new missionary challenges”. Krakow and the Jubilee. “The announcement of the Year of Mercy is a big gift for young people who are preparing for the next WYD in Krakow”, said Monsignor Damian Muskus, auxiliary bishop of Krakow, in charge of the organizing committee of WYD 2016, highlighting the value of the event envisaged in the city called, “the capital of Divine mercy”. The “Jubilee of mercy will be a time of grace and celebration of the mystery we wish to transmit to young people”, said the prelate underlining the title of the event, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 5,7), and the main direction of the event represented by “attention towards the needy, the excluded, the poor and the sick, affected by physical and spiritual suffering”. “For us, for the entire Church in Poland, and especially for the Church in Krakow, WYD 2016 will be a unique opportunity to remember and acknowledge once again the responsibility entrusted to us by Saint John Paul II when, in the shrine of Lagiewniki, he consecrated the world to the Divine Mercy”, reiterated Msgr. Muskus.

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