“Life is the first right”

On March 14 Madrid will stage a major pro-life demonstration at national level with the participation of 40 associations and several dioceses. The goals of the promoters

Over forty associations of Spanish civil society are promoting a large demonstration in Madrid on March 14 in favour of life, women and maternity. “Every life counts” is the theme chosen to reaffirm the protection of the conceived child and pregnant women. Participants are expected from across Spain. In fact, the campaign to spread information on the gathering and its objectives began at the beginning of the year. In many cities like Málaga, Seville and Guadalajara were organized press conferences to present the demonstration and involve the highest possible number of people. Promoters distributed over 7 thousand posters and 50thousand leaflets. On Saturday March 7 a “bicycle ride” was organized in Madrid to publicize the event of March 14, to which is also dedicated a website: www.cadavidaimporta.es. Social networks that are disseminating the news played a prominent role. There are also videos of women who decided to continue their pregnancy despite difficult situations, like a young girl named Marta, or those who underwent an abortion and then regretted it, like Dalila, who today helps other women to opt for life. The reasons for the demonstration. The event of March 14 in Madrid is organized with the purpose of “preventing a wall of silence” on abortion and demand political leaders to repeal the law on abortion and adopt measures for the protection of maternity. In preparation for the event was drawn up a manifesto with the requests of the demonstrators for Spanish society. “We are demonstrating on March 14 to continue showing our opposition to the decision to not repeal the “law on abortion” and demand laws for the defence of everyone’s life in any circumstance and without exceptions. We continue defending the cause of life, without fear of reaffirming our presence despite the uncertainties in the present Spanish political landscape”, states their manifesto. “March 14 is meant to reaffirm and strengthen in the conscience of the Spanish society – and thus throughout the world that we will not surrender to abortion, that we won’t remain silent before the abandonment of the defence of life on the part of political leaders, that we will not leave pregnant women alone”, states the manifesto. The voice of life. The purpose of the demonstration of March 14 is also to “remind all political parties that the right to life is the first right of all human beings and that there exists a broad sector of voters for whom the question of life and maternity is very important and it will be a crucial factor during elections. We firmly demand that someone will voice our claims in Parliament and in the Government. No political party can think that citizens will vote those who despise what for us has no value nor those who ask to be voted for one thing and then do the opposite as relates to non-negotiable issues”. Moreover, March 14 “is aimed at highlighting that the voice of life is calling and that it relentlessly asks for space in Spanish life, including its political arena, in public legislation and policies, today, tomorrow and for ever. The defence of life should not be questioned nor can it be considered an option. It’s indispensable and it goes beyond political circumstances”. Against marginalization and injustice. With the demonstration in Madrid, the promoting associations want “everyone to know that children that are yet to be born have a voice: our voice” – “in order to strengthen and guarantee the continuity of social commitments for pregnant women, in order to fortify social networks that provide support to maternity”. “March 14 – the promoters pointed out – we want to say a great yes to everyone’s life: that of the newborn and of pregnant women; of terminal patients threatened by euthanasia; of the victims of domestic violence and various forms of terrorism; of manipulated embryos, destroyed or discarded; of those who are suffering and live in conditions that go against human dignity because they have different capabilities or because of economic disparities and on the workplace; of all those excluded and marginalized because of the lack of social justice and for the want of an adequate hierarchy of values. Because we know that the fight for human rights, against social marginalization, doesn’t end with the protection of the conceived child, but it begins with that of the human person at a time when he is more threatened and defenceless. Thus on March 14 we intend to celebrate the International Day for Life with all world populations”.

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