Three DNAs and a child” “It’s biotech nature

United Kingdom: a law adopted by the House of Commons provides for using the DNA of three people for In Vitro Fertilization

A famous advertising of some years ago was based on a successful slogan: we are science, not science fiction. The refrain is now of topical interest in the framework of the news coming from the United Kingdom, where the House of Commons passed a bill that allows using the DNA of three people for in vitro fertilization, in order to "prevent several mitochondrial diseases."The mitochondria are an important part of the cells because they convert the energy, their alteration involves the risk of developing a number of genetic diseases inherited through the mother. So this technology has been focused on the modification of the female element of the couple. In practice, through the exchange of the nucleus of the egg cells of two women, the "mother" and "donor", is realized an egg devoid of defective mitochondria that is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the father. Two basic ingredients, to which is added a third extra element that brings its contribution to the new individual with the introduction of its DNA. Three genomes are combined to generate a child.Science or science fiction? Excluding supposed benefits, London’s Parliament has approved a clinical trial on human beings to demonstrate a hypothesis that will take many years to be evaluated and developed safely within a standard procedure. Step by step, biotechnology is going to produce a new, radically different nature, hardly imaginable today. These techniques will inevitably produce changes in the human being, increasingly engineered. It is legitimate to ask what will be the role of human beings in this new biotech nature.According to forecasts, the first children developed with this method could be born in the early months of 2016. But the is the goal to keep the population in perfect health, or is a new system of economic production that makes these changes, its driving force? Authoritative voices have pointed out that this genetic manipulation is a new slippery slope that leads straight to eugenics, in a not so distant future in which "designed babies" will be preferred to children born naturally. Not surprisingly, the English Catholic Church has taken a firm stand against such experiments affecting so deeply the human person, to prevent the spread of the message that the only way to have "brilliant" children is through artificial insemination.Why entrust oneself to the lottery of chance when it is possible to choose ahead of time? It seems a scene from the movie "Gattaca", when the two young parents of Vincent are asked with surprise why they had taken chances conceiving "in the old way", when in fact it was possible to give birth to humans with almost perfect genetic information selected by parents on a group of embryonic cells? Through this process, one can foresee the future physical and health condition of the unborn in order to generate them without imperfections. Thus is programmed the younger brother, who has all the best items on the catalogue, but the "invalid" brother will be lacking creativity, brilliance, determination, the desire to emerge and the risk of loosing everything.When we engage with passion and determination in a project which nothing can distract us from and for which we feel especially inclined towards, we motivate our resolve with four words: it’s in my DNA. From now on it will no longer be so obvious.

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