Poland, Slovakia, Luxembourg

WYD/1: Message of the bishops to young Poles “The Church of young people is multicoloured, diversified and fascinating, ready to welcome each and every one of you”, write Polish bishops in a message dedicated to preparations for the WYD 2016 in Krakow, read in all churches across the Country on Sunday, November 6. The letter points out that in the same year the Church in Poland will celebrate the 1050th anniversary of Christianization. “In that way the past will meet the future, tradition” will accompany “modernity”, the bishops remarked, in the belief that “showing young people the century-long patrimony of faith of the Polish people and taking them as examples, witnesses and marytrs it will be possible to reawaken their sense of responsibility and prompt their engagement for the Church in the future”. The message underlines that by inviting young people to Krakow Pope Francis chose the place where “flows the fountainhead of the Divine Mercy that is an effective medicine to cure young people’s broken hearts”, which are thus called to “be committed” from this very moment in the preparations representing “an occasion to rediscover their role within an ecclesial community”. The bishops, in the belief that the World Youth Day in Krakow will be for young people “the beginning of a friendship with Christ unknown to them previously”, reassures them to not be afraid “to lose in the Church’s large community their own individual uniqueness and their freedom” as “you will experience that only free charity and mercy offer salvation and hope”. WYD/2: Icons pilgrimage in Slovakia “Young people want to meet and know Christ, who – driven by his love for man – did not hesitate to carry the weight of the cross on his shoulders. That’s why we carry him in our parishes”, said Father Ondrej Chrvala, secretary of the Council for Youth and Universities for the Slovak Bishops’ Conference, inviting the faithful to worship the symbols of the World Youth Day (WYD). The Cross and the copy of the icon of the Mother of God, from the Roman Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, will arrive in Slovakia November 15 from Belarus to stop in 19 cities and cover more than 1400 km in Catholic parishes in the country. “Nobody can touch the cross of Jesus without being touched, without drawing something from this sacrifice for their own life”; said Father Chrvala, expressing the hope that this symbol may become a sign of the love of God for the youth in the country in the heart of Europe. The journey of the WYD Cross will last until November 29 while the pilgrimage will be linked to a series of spiritual events and activities. For further information: www.svetovednimladeze.sk Luxembourg: week dedicated to the media “Facebook, smart-phones, TV programs: does the media determine our family life?”: it is the leading question of the “Week of mass media 2014”, organized by the Catholic formation centre in Luxembourg, Erwuessebildung, ongoing until 19 November. “It is precisely in the family that the world of the media and that of parents meet, when parents try to educate their children and teach them social rules”, said the director of the Centre, Wolfgang Fleckenstein. To discover which role the media play in this process Erwuessebildung has organized a set of meetings and initiatives to which all parents are educators who intend to learn which role they should give to the media in the family environment or understand which “guidelines, rules” children need to be able to use the media, are invited to attend. The “media week” opened with a lecture on “Mother, Father, IPad” by Claudia Lampert from the “Hans Bredow” Media Research Institute in Hamburg”. Participants will also address the theme of “intelligent clicking” to teach also parents, educators and teachers the potentials and risks linked to the use of the Web. An evening will focus on e-books with a didactic workshop. The event will close with a round table on the theme of “cyber-mobbing” and sexual exploitation of children on line, with the screening of the film “Disconnect”.

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