A double present for Madrid

The Christmas Campaign for the WYD 2011

The Christmas campaign for the World Youth Day has begun, so that parents and grandparents may present their children and grandchildren with a registration in the Madrid WYD, with the hope that it will be attended by crowds of youth from all over the world. Registration and solidarity. The campaign, which will be conducted on the Internet, the press, radios and TVs, is endorsed by Vicente Del Bosque, manager of the national football team, Inma Shara, orchestra conductor, and Leopoldo Abadía, writer. All three will invite people to give such registrations as presents. According to Gabriel González-Andrío, Marketing Director for the WYD, “the message of this campaign will make people understand that this is a double present: through a charity fund those who register will help, poor young people from poorer countries in conflicting areas, or who have suffered the plague of natural catastrophes, to take part in the WYD”. The first ones who will file a registration in the WYD, and pay the fees, will be given a seat in the sectors closest to the Holy Father in the Saturday Vigil and in the closing Sunday Mass at the aerodrome of Cuatro Vientos. Sectors are arranged as follows: Zone O is reserved to people with physical or mental disabilities, to the young winners of the social network competitions, to authorities and sponsors; Zone A is assigned to those that register first, following the idea “The sooner you register, the closer you will be to the Pope”. As relates to Zones B and C, these will be assigned according to when you register. However, organizers said, it is necessary to complete registration early: each area is approximately one hectare.Scouts from 17 nations in Madrid. The scouts have been preparing for Madrid’s World Youth Day for months. Thousands will thus have the opportunity to visit Spain in August 2011; for this purpose 1200 scouts will be called to be part of the organization as volunteers. The participation of these young people is the result of an agreement between the organization of World Youth Day and the International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe. It is the first time that World Youth Day has signed an agreement with the association, allowing its members to collaborate in the organization of the event. During the days of the WYD, the Scout volunteers will help out with the management and accommodation of pilgrims in the hosting sites and in the main events. These Scouts, who come from 17 different countries worldwide, will work in groups of six. The International Union of Guides and Scouts of Europe is a federation of 17 national Scout associations formed by 55,000 young Catholics from around Europe, including Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain and beyond. In the days leading up to August 11-15, 2011, the Scouts participating in the program of Days in the Diocese, will have the opportunity to stay in various dioceses in Spain in order to meet up with local Scouts and those from other countries.“Solidarity and fraternal love”. John Paul II himself delivered a message to these young people in 1994, saying that the Scouts are called “to participate, with all the enthusiasm of your youth, in building a Europe of nations, to establish a society based on solidarity and fraternal love.” These are the foundations of the principles of the Guides and Scouts of Europe that are committed to a lifestyle based on the formation of one’s character, health, manual abilities, service, and awareness of God. As the Leader of Scouts and Guides of Europe in Spain, Juan Pedro Sánchez-Horneros, affirms: “They are a pastoral instrument for churches, promoter of faith education for its members, and thus, a font of vocations to leadership and social life, as well as the personal vocation – religious and lay alike.” Priests and religious also encourage the progress of the groups and the activities they undertake in the various parishes.How young Salesians live the WYD preparations. From the scouts to the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM): in view of the 2011 WYD the Spanish Salesian Social Communication Delegation would like to know about Salesian participation. “We would like to know what the SYM are doing in each country, their plans, activities, how they intend to travel to Madrid… everything that may be of interest to the Salesian Family and to the media”, Fr Javier Valiente, National SC Delegate says. A special e-mail has been made available for this purpose to send photographs and news items connected with the SYM and the WYD. They will be forwarded, as appropriate, to the Spanish media who might be interested to know about them.

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