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Ireland: October 3 Day for LifeNext October 3 the Church of Ireland will celebrate the Day for Life 2010, devoted to the meaning of Christian death and care to those who are dying, as highlighted in the theme chosen for the Day, “Lord, for your faithful people, life has changed, not ended”. In presenting the Day Msgr. John Fleming, bishop of Killala and the Irish Bishops’ Conference Day for Life delegate said, “The theme for this year talks to us about life, and it tells us that no matter how long or short our life is, no matter what condition it is lived in, life has a value because it is a gift to us from God”. For the occasion, on Sunday October 3 national TV will transmit the live broadcast of a Mass for Life from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. On that same day Irish bishops will issue a Pastoral Letter on the theme that will be read to the faithful in the respective parishes. Turkey: in memory of Msgr. Padovese”For the small Church in Turkey the death of Msgr. Luigi Padovese remains a cruel agony. We don’t want – nor do we have the competence – to remark the comments, some of which surprising, released by the media. Moreover, we pray that human justice may follow its course with utmost objectivity”. With these words the Apostolic vicar of Istanbul Msgr.Louis Pelâtre, recalls Msgr. Luigi Padovese, President of Turkey’s Bishops’ Conference and Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, killed in Iskenderun by his driver past June 3. On the latest issue of “Presence”, the monthly of Turkey’s Catholic Church, entirely devoted to the figure of the murdered bishop, the bishop of Istanbul writes that “the memory of Msgr. Padovese will continue in his works, most of which consecrated to raise awareness on the Christian heritage of Anatolia, of which he became a pastor”. The monthly magazine presents a portrait of the life and works of Msgr. Padovese, with articles and pictures, with reports on the recent funerals in Iskenderun and Milan, along with the recollections of Maddalena Santoro, sister of don Andrea Santoro, killed in Trebisonda in 2006.Austria: Orthodox bishops’ ConferenceThe Austrian Bishops’ Conference will be set up in Vienna next October 8, announced Metropolitan Michael Staikos on September 14 during the visit of Serbian-Orthodox Patriarch Irinej. The establishment of the Orthodox Bishops’ Conference was decided a year ago during a pan-Orthodox Conference presided over by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I to best express Orthodox unity in Austria. In his greeting to Patriarch Irinej, Staikos briefly recalled the “not always peaceful or harmonious past” of Orthodox Greeks, Serbs and Romanians. “Today we must focus on the future”, added the Metropolitan bishop, highlighting that the juridical situation of the Church in Austria is exemplary for the entire Orthodox diaspora”, thanks to the State and to “the Catholic Church in Austria headed by cardinal Christoph Schönborn”, Staikos remarked. Special appreciation was conveyed to the “Pro Oriente” Foundation which “prepared the grounds of ecumenism, so that hundreds of thousands of Orthodox faithful may find a friendly Country, without the prejudice of history that caused much sorrow and pain”. Spain: Van Thuan Observatory From 15 September 2010 the Cardinal Van Thuân Observatory website ( is also in Spanish – in addition to the English and Italian – . Cardinal Van Thuân Observatory President Msgr. Giampaolo Crepaldi, archbishop of Trieste, underlined: “This will enable also those living in Spanish-speaking Countries to access all information and online resources on the Social Doctrine of the Church posted on our website”. “With this new important step – continues the prelate – our Observatory expands its horizons, fulfilling its universal vocation to supply an international service. It completes a process for the expansion of international relations recently adopted by the Observatory”. Last year “we set up the Cardinal Van Thuân International Network with the cooperation of Study Centres on the Social Doctrine of the Church in Spain and Peru”, said the prelate. The “Bulletin of the Social Doctrine of the Church” is published in Italy, Latin America and Spain. , while the “Second Report on the Social Doctrine of the Church in the world – drawn up in conjunction with four European and Latin-American Research Institutes” will be issued soon.

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