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The opening of the Catholic University campusPast September 5 the head of the Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, along with 22 bishops from Ukraine, Western Europe, America and Australia blessed and placed the cornerstone of the new campus of the Catholic University. Along with the academic buildings the complex-project includes a church, a library, an information centre, a museum and a boarding house for the students. Its completion is planned for 2020 while the youth hostel will be operative in time for the 2012 European football championship, in order to provide hospitality to tourists and supporters. “The Catholic University is more than an academic establishment”, underlined Cardinal Husar. “It’s a community of people – students, teachers, and employees – whose future outlook combines scientific learning and the experience of the faith of the martyrs”, thus enabling a “deeper understanding of the meaning of existence”. According to the cardinal, the Atheneum “opens our eyes to the truth of life not only through positive sciences but also as a community of witnesses which confronts contemporary challenges whilst highlighting individual value and dignity”. In addressing those present, the head of the UGCC stated: “Your commitment represents an important factor for the development of a new and better future”. The mayor of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi described the campus as “a future city, built on the foundations of science and faith”. At present, due to the spiritual needs of students, teachers and university staff, a wooden church dedicated to the new martyr Saints of the Greek-Catholic Church was erected on the grounds of the future campus, which will be moved to a different site at the end of the works. The first Catechism of the Greek-Catholic Church “Our Catechism testifies to the maturity of Ukraine’s Greek-Catholic Church”, said father Myron Bendyk, dean of the Spiritual Seminary of Drohobych on September 7, in announcing the upcoming publication of the first UGCC Catechism, which he co-authored. RISU (Religious Information Service of Ukraine) made known that the publication – of which 50 thousand copies were issued in Ukrainian, English, Portuguese and Spanish – is the result of almost 9 years’ work under the coordination of the Patriarchate’s Catechistic Commission. Father Bendyk underlined the “dynamic situation” of the Greek-Catholic Church, “which is developing in Ukraine and abroad, notably across the Eastern diaspora” and said he hopes that the Catechism’s publication will “prompt the commitment of the faithful across the world”. “We would like our catechism to become a strong factor of unity for all Ukrainians”, he added. “The need to draw up our own catechism testifies to the degree of maturity of our Church, that wishes to present the pillars of her faith and spiritual tradition”.The third Ecumenical Social Week “Faith, responsibility and philanthropy” is the theme of the third Ecumenical Social Week that will take place in Lviv next October 4-10 on the initiative of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies, of the Catholic University, of the Council of the city of Lviv, of the regional Council and Administration and of the University Polytechnic. One of the objectives of the Week, the promoters explain, “is the establishment of a national Council and network so as to expand the project at national level”. The program envisages an academic congress on the theme of the meeting and a didactic encounter on “Christian ethics as the way to educate the youth”. “A new, united and solid society; philanthropic and sensitive to the needs of our fellow others, regardless of their social position and of their religious and national identity – underlined the responsible of the Week’s Secretariat Iryna Kitura -, constitutes a true model of social interaction”. In the course of round tables will be presented the experience of the Church’s cooperation between with institutions, alternative dispute resolution methods, and partnerships for social undertakings. The debates will equally address the role of the media in the resolution of social issues. Distinguished national journalists will participate in the competition “Reporter of hope in Ukraine”. Seminars, concerts, the fourth international “Berehynia” festival and the traditional “Days of Faith” for the youth promoted in conjunction with the ecumenical Community of Taizé complete the Week’s program.

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