Slovenia: a lesson in religion” “

“Lesson in religion – transmission of the faith” is the title of the international symposium organised by the Slovene and Austrian committee for the Central European Katholikentag (MEKT) and by the theological faculty of the University of Ljubljana. Being held at Celje in Slovenia from 6 to 9 November, the symposium focuses on a problematic situation in this country which, as the press release presenting the conference points out, “is one of the few European states in which no systematic lessons on religion, still less on Christianity, are given in schools, of whatever grade. The aim of the symposium, which will be attended among others by the Slovene archbishop and metropolitan, president of the Slovene bishops, Msgr. Franc Rode, and Msgr. Anton Stres, auxiliary bishop of Maribor, is “to throw light especially on the question of the transmission of religious values and contents in modern society, taking into account the fact that this society is pluralist from a cultural and religious point of view”. According to the organisers, “the experiences and reflections of the neighbouring states, those that culturally resemble Slovenia most closely”, may enrich her and “contribute to her normalization”.

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