Dying… and after” “

The public course on “Dying… and after” organized by the Faculty of Protestant theology at the University of Lausanne opens today. This public course of lectures, given by historians of religion, philosophers and theologians will end on 2 December. “The growing interest in reincarnation and in books, such as the recent book on the Egyptian cult of death and that on the Tibetan dead, has prompted our faculty to offer serious information on what happens after death, even though this remains in large part a mystery”, explains the biblical scholar and dean of the faculty Daniel Marguerat. The lectures will be based on what “is affirmed by the Bible and, in particular, on the Christian theme of resurrection”, a belief that, in the view of the theologian, “is gradually being eroded”. It is just “in the hope of the resurrection”, he stresses, that we need to teach Christians “to accept the shock of separation and ‘never more’ through the rites of mourning, not sufficiently cultivated by the Protestant tradition”.

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