Switzerland, "Peoples Day"” “

“Do we really obey the commandment to love our neighbour if we grant naturalization to foreigners? If we integrate them in our society? If we teach them our language and our customs? No, that in itself is not enough. We obey Jesus if we ourselves – individually or as a community – become a genuine home for the foreigner”. So declares Msgr. Norbert Brunner, bishop of Sion and delegate of the Swiss Episcopal Conference for migrants, in a message issued to mark “Peoples Day”, to be celebrated in Catholic parishes in Switzerland on Sunday 9 November. Referring to the recent and repeated rejection of naturalization by some Swiss local authorities, the bishop asks if such attitudes “are in line with the Word of God that ought to inspire our conduct to the poor, the persecuted and the homeless”. The bishop recalls in this regard the words of Jesus: “I was a stranger and you took me in”, chosen as the slogan for “Peoples Day” this year. Meanwhile, reports Migratio, the commission of the Swiss bishops for migrants, last year’s collection on the occasion of Peoples Day realised a total of 111,285 francs; the money will be used to fund various charities, including a project in Switzerland dedicated to the pastoral care of the children of refugees and nomads, a nursing home for priests in Portugal, a literacy campaign for women in Benin and an institute for the handicapped in Bosnia.

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