Turkey: witness of dialogue” “” “

“Gratitude and spiritual closeness” is what the Catholic Church of Turkey expresses to John Paul II on the 25th anniversary of his pontificate. In the words of Father Davide Vezoli, general secretary of the Turkish Episcopal Conference, it also prays for the “physical and moral graces which the Pope needs to continue his apostolate. And for our part, we are very happy to contribute to this mission by dedicating ourselves in particular to the ecumenical dialogue that here in Turkey is having a particular impulse especially in recent months, after the drafting of a common document by the representatives of the various Christian Churches. We have encountered great enthusiasm on the part of our Greek Orthodox, Armenian and Syrian brothers in this ecumenical process. And it’s fundamental that the witness of dialogue should reach us from the Pope himself, who in these years has always held out a hand to all our Christian brothers. The Pope has taught us that we can work together towards unity”.

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