The "Christian Assises for globalization"” “

Eight Christian associations in France, including Secours Catholique and the Protestant Federation of France, set up the “Christian Assises for globalization” (ACM) over a year ago with the aim of expressing the Christian “voice” in the public debate on problems of globalization. ACM is an attempt to transcend differences in religious affiliation and social class and bring together a kind of “moral community” on an ecumenical scale to “help to inform people about the phenomenon of globalization and try to promote specific actions together to make it more human”, explains the chairman of ACM Jérôme Vignon. After a first phase, held in recent months, characterised by some forty territorial assemblies in the various regions of the country “to analyse the issue of globalization from every point of view”, continues Vignon, ACM is now in the process of “specifying the common themes and specific aspects of the Christian contribution to a more compassionate globalization, respectful of the rights of each person; it’s a period of study aimed at sensitising and informing the representatives of ACM’s member associations and the animators of the aforesaid territorial meetings who will participate “in the synodal assembly” planned to be held in Lyon on 24/25 January 2004.

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