Collaboration between Christians and Moslems” “

“Christians and Moslems must work together” in “an ever more pluralist Europe”: an appeal in favour of interreligious dialogue and mutual acceptance of the various cultures was launched in recent days by the chairman of the 12th Kek/Cec Assembly (Trondheim, Norway, 25 June-2 July), Jean-Arnold de Clermont in an address marking the assembly’s conclusion. A significant message was also made by the general secretary of the churches of the Middle East (Mecc) Riad Jarjour. Referring to the deep concerns of Christians in the Holy Land due to the grave situation of conflict, he emphasized the urgent need for Islamic-Christian dialogue. “You must understand the others, just as you yourselves would like to be understood – he told the delegates -. During the recent conflict in Iraq, a growing culture of dialogue, encouraged by the strong stance taken by the Christian churches against the war, was expressed in many countries, in particular in the Middle East. We need to continue along this road”. “A meeting between twenty-two religious leaders of different faiths – added the Lutheran bishop of Oslo Gunnar Staalsett – is soon to be held in Baghdad, with the aim of being an important sign of sharing and hope”. For, as has been observed, “theological dialogue” is facilitated not only “by the study of the Bible and the Koran”, but also by the “cordial meeting on the level of daily life, and the striving to live together as good neighbours”.

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