Bosnia Herzegovina: the logo of the Pope’s visit” “

The symbol has four elements: the form of the cathedral of Banja Luka, divided into four fields by a cross, at the foot of which is placed the monogram of the Virgin Mary, M, and the Pope’s flag. It’s the official logo chosen by the Episcopal Conference of Bosnia-Herzegovina for the forthcoming visit of the Pope to the country on 22 June. Purpose of the visit: the beatification of the Servant of God Ivan Merz. It will be John Paul II’s second visit to Bosnia. “The cathedral of Banja Luka – explains the Bosnian episcopate – is depicted in the form of a tent, the Church, divided into four fields that represent the archdioceses of the Bosnian Church (Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Trebinje), linked together by the cross, in its Croatian version (pleter), as a reminder that the majority of Catholics in Bosnian territory are of Croatian nationality. The ‘M’ of Mary also recalls the first letter of the surname of the Blessed, Merz, while the colours of the papal flag, white and yellow, recall the task of the Pope, who continues the work of the apostle Peter in the promotion of unity and the diffusion of the Word of God. All these symbols in some way recall the spirituality of the Blessed Merz”.

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