Italy: "repudiation of war"” “

“The European Union repudiates war as an instrument offensive to the freedom of other peoples and as a means for the resolution of international disputes; and agrees, on conditions of parity with other States, to the limitations of sovereignty necessary for a order that may ensure peace and justice between the nations, and promote the international organizations dedicated to this purpose”: that’s the first of two articles that a group of some 100 Italian citizens, members of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, with campuses in Milan, Brescia and Piacenza, teachers and non teachers, would like to insert in the future European constitutional Treaty. They sent their proposal to the European Union and to the Italian representatives in the European Convention. The text of the second article declares: “The interventions of economic, monetary and commercial policy of the Union shall pursue the objective of eliminating the imbalances of every type that exist between the various countries of the world. An identical objective shall be pursued in the positions expressed by the Union in any international organization. The Union shall intervene to ensure that the resources allocated to cooperation and development by the member states and by the EU budget correspond to the parameters specified by the international organizations”. The proposals are motivated by the observation that “almost all the Constitutions of the member states of the EU and of those due to enter it in 2004 contain references to peace and the repudiation of war”.

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