Towards the 12th KEK assembly” “

“Jesus Christ heals and reconciles – Our witness in Europe”: that’s the title of the preparatory document for the 12th general assembly of KEK, Council of the European Christian Churches which represents 126 Churches of Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic tradition, and 43 associated organizations. The document – drafted and reviewed by all the member Churches – consists of two chapters: the first offers a theological introduction to the theme of the assembly; the second, enriched with over 40 Christian testimonies of life in various European contexts, is divided into four paragraphs. These correspond to the sections of the work of the assembly to be held in Trondheim, in Norway, from 25 June to 2 July 2003. The questions on the agenda include: the development of ecumenical collaboration in Europe and its difficulties; European integration and the reconciliation between peoples; the process of the enlargement of the Union; the need to preserve diversity in Europe; the European Churches and political institutions; secularisation and religious pluralism; the relations between Europe and the other continents; the relations between the generations; violence against women and children; poverty and social exclusion; immigration, xenophobia; the Church in situations of conflict; human rights; globalization. The document, in English, French, German and shortly in Russian, is available on the website

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