Human rights in the EU: resolution of the EP” “

With 274 votes in favour, 269 against and 14 abstentions the European Parliament approved the Report of the Dutch socialist Joke Swiebel on the situation of the fundamental rights of the European Union for 2001. Following a heated debate and numerous external pressures, the Assembly considered it appropriate to eliminate from the text of the document the recommendation approved by the parliamentary Commission for civil liberties, which invited member states to authorize marriage between homosexual couples, considering that this is a question that has no connection with the articles of the Charter of the fundamental rights of the EU which forms the main reference of the Report. The EP urged member states to adopt a common policy on asylum and immigration, accompanied by measures to encourage the integration of immigrants in conformity with the Geneva Convention on refugees (the Assembly also approved a specific Resolution on the matter). As regards Italy, the EU made a reference to the situation of the pluralism of information. Other concerns voiced by the Resolution are the very high number of abortions practised in Europe, the recent laws on euthanasia in Belgium and Holland, the traffic in human beings for purposes of prostitution and exploitation, the obstacles to journalistic activity and the excessive restrictions on the right to demonstrate. G.A.G.

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